Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Starting my new life as a blogger

Yes, today is the day - I decided to blog. And for real this time. No idea yet what this will be about.

About the things I love, about the things that surprise me. About joy, about fun, about sadness and loss. About life, really.

I am Dutch, but I prefer to write in English, even if this means I will probably make lots of grammatical and idiomatic mistakes. Well, I am not perfect.

Today I have no real subject. Apart from the fact that I wrote a comment on about a book on Tunisian crochet and this turned into a rather nice conversation with someone, and then I promised her that I was going to start a blog after summer. And then I thought, well, why wait, I can start typing today.

So if the lady I was writing to reads this, she will know I keep my promises.

And perhaps she does not read it, and no-one else either, and then it won't matter that I am rambling on without actually saying anything (I call this 'finding my voice') .

But my blog will not always be this way. That is a promise I will keep too.

So, take care of yourself, have a nice day, and I hope you will check in once in a while.

Which reminds me to check if it is possible to leave comments on this blog. Let's see, that will probably under 'options'....

See you next time!