Wednesday, 30 July 2014

painting the exterior...

And you can see one of the new door frames and window panes:

Tiling the bathroom...

This happened over a week ago, but I didn't have the time to upload these pictures earlier.

Isn't it pretty?

Rain Drain

Look at these beautiful rain gutters and pipes!

The kitchen has arrived...

…and will be installed shortly!!

As you can see, I went wild on the kitchen surface (the white spots are actually silver sparkles!)...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

One thousand

… and one Pageviews!

Dividing wall...

… separating the kitchen from the bedroom:

View of the back wall


Bathroom cabinet:


Shower unit:

Men at work (or pretending?) in the bathroom

The beginnings of a bathroom

the frame for the sliding door: 

The heating system being installed:

To the right, the bathroom cabinet:

Bathroom cabinet as seen from the side, on the left:

The roof - more pictures


After the initial disappointment, work went on as usual.

And the house is looking more and more like a house.

Here they are working on the roof (to be precise, this was the day before the windows arrived):

Here below, a picture of Igor wearing his red Mickey Mouse ears (he also has them in blue):

Major setback…….

Everything went exactly as planned - the men even managed to stay slightly ahead of schedule… until the windows were delivered from the factory in Germany.

The doors were 4" too narrow, and grey in stead of green.
Two of the three windows were the right colour, but 10" too wide.
The third - double - window was the right size, but half of it was green, and the other half was white.

Everything had to be sent back.
And without the windows, most of the work had to be rescheduled or postponed.

On top of that, most builders will be on holiday during the first three weeks of August.

Which means that the house will be finished somewhere in September, and not August 1.

For the small company that is building the house, it means they have to somehow fit in this job with the project they will be doing in August, when our house was supposed to be finished.

The good news is that the factory did everything they could to solve the problem, so the new windows will be delivered in two weeks in stead of the usual six, and that I will now have a holiday(!), too, the first three weeks of August.