Monday, 9 February 2015

Inspiring stuff: Rococo Coat

A friend of mine is going to knit this beautiful Christel Seyfarth coat for me!!!

The pictures I took when the box with wool and pattern arrived are all blurry, because my hands were shaking so much with excitement...

I fell in love with this coat a few years ago, but I am not a very good knitter, so I didn't dare to try and knit it myself.

And then my friend offered to do it for me!! Oh, I was so thrilled when she did.

Here is the link to Christel's Website, where you can see a larger picture of the coat. 

Lunch with mum

We had pancakes at the local lunch room. 

They were HUGE.

Next time, we will share.

Celebrating Christmas in the new house

I finally sorted out my Christmas pictures… 

Mum, my brother and I had a quiet, cosy Christmas in the new house. 


I love my reindeer socks!


Mum and me

The house is finished!

It was finished at the end of September, 2014. But when it finally was, I was too tired to blog about it.

So, here they are, the last two posts about the house!

This spring, the garden will be redone!

The cats are moving in, too...

House warming party...