Monday, 9 February 2015

Inspiring stuff: Rococo Coat

A friend of mine is going to knit this beautiful Christel Seyfarth coat for me!!!

The pictures I took when the box with wool and pattern arrived are all blurry, because my hands were shaking so much with excitement...

I fell in love with this coat a few years ago, but I am not a very good knitter, so I didn't dare to try and knit it myself.

And then my friend offered to do it for me!! Oh, I was so thrilled when she did.

Here is the link to Christel's Website, where you can see a larger picture of the coat. 

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  1. Oh my, oh my, this is going to be so BEAUTIFUL!! Will you share pics when it's done??
    I was SO excited when you left a comment on the new blog! I had tried to track you down after xmas, and just couldn't remember your blog's name... I am so happy to be in contact again! You have made my day :D x